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surrounds us.




Trend Forecasting


For our customers, we identify the global trends aiming to find out the main opportunities and the right timing, assuring our best commitment to turn them into first class products. We supply all needed support allowing our customers to develop a perfect product, from the origin to the final production. We are always flanked by our customers during the whole production run, taking care of all the process involved in creativity, preparation and production of the fashion accessories.

Whether it is about a paint, a movie or an abstract concept, inspiration surrounds us.



Design Inspiration


Centopercento Trend team can foresee the tides and then express and interpret them with passion and competence for its customers. Working continuosly side by side with our customers allow us to grant the exclusivity of our collaboration. We help them to develop all the necessary tools to achieve competitivenes, through the research and creation of new collections and materials; analyse the weak points and identify new market opportunities. We work to stimulate the creative spirit and provide the necessary guidance and motivation by means of private session and collaborative workshop.

We catch inspirations and suggestions around the world and make them available for fashion and communication.



Trend Books


Our books are customized and composed by different themes selected by season, innovative and balanced color pads, material proposals for any market, leather, shoes, accessories like bottons, braid, labels, trims and buckles: the goal is to visualize our suggestions through an iconographical work.
Our trend books are used by important and well known fashion companies as well as independent designers, helping them to trace the correct features of the products and make strategic production preferences.