Inspiration surrounds us.

Creative Consultant

Centopercentotrend is a team of creative consultants and cool hunters together to help you imagine and create your personal collection by offering you direction, seasonal colors and preview trends. It provides you with all the support you need to develop your items, supports you during the prototyping cycle and takes care of the entire process of creation, preparation and production of fashion accessories for clothing and leather goods.

Trend Forecasting

CENTOPERCENTOTREND for its customers, captures inspirations around the world, cultivates them and processes them in graphic form, identifies global trends with the aim of discovering the main opportunities and the right timing, ensuring the customer the best commitment to transform its articles, in current, innovative and refined products.
The forecasts of bespoke trends have globally relevant content but are interpreted and adapted to the Company, its target market and its customers and are intended to create information by assisting the creative process, the planning of the collections and the direction of the design.

Creativity is the natural extension of our enthusiasm.
(Earl Nightingale) 

Design Inspiration

Inspirations arise from the most varied occasions and ideas. Design is everywhere around us.
Art, history, nature, cinema, music, works of designers and lifestyles can inspire, triggering the creative spark. But it’s when creatives infuse their passion with their personal life experiences that the work really gets rich and comes alive. By refining intuition and attention to even those small details that could help find the right inspiration, they leave the mind free to observe, study, discover, capture ideas in the air, with great anticipation and then let them flow.

We capture inspirations and suggestions from around the world, we cultivate and elaborate them in graphic form for fashion and design 

Trend Book

… Our trend forecasting activity is aimed at an audience of creatives, style offices, companies and operators in the sector, who need stylistic research tools, analysis and development of upcoming fashion trends, to create strategic collections. In addition, the trend books can also be studied to be tailored to the customer.