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providing trends.


We want to celebrate quality introducing interesting and innovative projects. The Agency is based on the 10+ years experience of a group of fashion professionals; we provide consultancy services for the fashion business, becoming an active part within our customers’ chain of production. We believe that a skilled presentation of the design and its expressive shapes allows the professional to meet and introduce competences, emotions and experiences aimed to be exchanged and developed for a contamination of ideas and thinkings.


We are a team of creative designers sharing our passion
for fashion and design.

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Antonella Moro

Grown-up with her passion for fashion accessories, she started her professional career in the leather business as a designer of belts, bags and buckles and then focusing on bottons design.
She still co-operates with design laboratories as project manager; she is the founder of Centopercento Trend project.



Beats Design

Graduated in Interior Design at the Milan Polytechnic, Beats Design is Alessia Bettoni.
Over the years Beats has specialized in graphics, rebrending and digital communication. With the evolution and changes in lifestyles, activities in the field of design are continuously updated, thanks to the support of Beats Design, Centopercento Trend is able to provide consultancy for branding, social media and communication to all its customers.

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